Summer Music Camp

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NCMACC’s 2018 one-week period, intensive and fun Summer Music Camp will occur during June 18th-29th Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 1:00pm. The program is open to students ages 6-11 with a tuition fee of $400.

Four programs will take place: Music Class (Individual, Group Music Lessons: Piano, & Band), Singing (Musical Songs), Music Appreciation (Music Theory & History) and Crafting Class. The group of instructors includes Young Sook Kim (Director of NCMACC/Piano), Jiyon Son (Program Director/ Voice & Craft), Virginia Jourdan (Art). In the music class, students will learn how to play their choice of piano or violin. In the singing, they will sing together (Repertoires from famous Broadway musicals, the Sound of Music, and more). In Music Appreciation, they will learn the fundamentals of music theory, basic note reading, rhythm skills, and theoretical background. In the crafting class, students will create props and artworks that can enhance their understanding of musical instruments, characters in the songs, and the subjects that tight to musical plays that they watch. In the art class, students will learn various techniques including structure, form, composition, color theory and the use of tools.  They are encouraged to express their own individual styles and creativity.

These classes help our students further understand music by exposing them to a wide range of music styles and music-related activities.

On the last day of the program, Friday, June 29th, there will be a small recital starting from 11:00am. Music Camp members will showcase what they have learned in two weeks of classes.

Summer Music Program is 40% supported by NCMACC.